Our process for the stock and performance cylinder head:

We always start with a new cylinder head casting. Since the ‘newest’ used head is at the very least 18 years old (and up to 28 years old!!), we prefer to start with a new casting. Most of the used core cylinder heads we see have been machined at LEAST once in their lifetime. Cam journal wear, cam bearing line bore, cracks, warpage and coolant passage electrolysis are ALWAYS an issue. Rather than “band-aid” a head back together and sacrifice quality and durability, we start fresh.

Having inspected all of the new cylinder head castings available on the market, we have found most to be of inferior quality (poor castings, porous material, improperly machined cam journals etc.). We have chosen a manufacturer that uses an improved material that is less prone to cracking and electrolysis (corrosion of the cooling system passages).

We build this cylinder head to get the most power from your Toyota when using your stock fuel system (EFI or carb.) The cam profile, oversize stainless steel valve design, our own custom valve springs, reatiners, keeper, port machining and valve seat profile cutting have all been designed to work together for the best performance. Idle remains smooth and power is available from 1800rpm to 5000rpm.

this is what is left of the exhaust valve seat when using our Serdi

Right out of the box, we remove all of the exhaust valve seats and install harder powdered metal seats. (Click here for a quickie video)

We have cutting bits custom made to our profiles by Newen for our Serdi 3.0 machine. The intakes are cut to a 4 angle (and a back cut to the valves) and exhaust seats are fully radiused. Other shops call this a “full race valve job”, it’s standard on EVERY cylinder head we sell.

(picture shown is before port work)

The head is then taken to our downdraft booth for port work. Both intake and exhaust pockets at the valve area are hand machined, radiused and polished for improved flow.


We back cut the intake and exhaust 1mm oversize stainless valves and set the installed height. We install Viton valve stem seals and our 70lb. performance valve springs.

We use Joe Gibbs Racing high zinc assembly lube when we install our custom ground OEM camshaft.

  Our stainless valve     stock valve

NEW cylinder head bolt kit

We always recommend new head bolts when installing a new head or when the engine is rebuilt. Your head bolts are at the least 14 years old and have been through countless heat cycles. Recommended to hold proper torque.

$45.00 set fits 1985-1995

O.E.M. head gasket

Fits 1981-1995 22R / 22RE / 22RTE

We only use Toyota OEM head gaskets

We even use this gasket (with ARP head studs) on turbocharged engines.



When installing a new cylinder head, we recommend:

YES, we’ve seen them. The “NEW COMPLETE” cylinder heads that other web retailers, E-auctions sites, rebuilders, and remanufacturers sell you. We have found the quality to be laughable at best. The valves and springs are of inferior quality. The ‘valve job’ to match the valves to the seats and installed stem height is not even performed. The most common problem we see is the exhaust valve seats are such low quality, the exhaust valves start “sinking” into the seats. We don’t even see this issue on original Toyota engines until about 250,000 miles. We’ve seen this issue on aftermarket heads within 5,000 miles. Low quality parts and poor cylinder head castings are imported, stacked on a shelf and then everything is assembled without regard to anything but speed to get it out the door and taking your hard earned money. The new camshafts they install are a VERY bad quality that are not built to last. Their ‘complete assembled head’ sounds good on paper, but we’ve inspected them and the quality is severely lacking. Not worth your hard earned money and your time to install it (and you’ll do it a few times more). It may take a little more time to build a cylinder head for you, but it is done the RIGHT way. No corners are cut, everything is triple checked and we use nothing but the best parts and machining procedures. Check out the build procedure box below for a complete breakdown of our build process, and please feel free to call or email with any questions you might have

STOCK, NEW Stage1 cylinder head 1985-1995

Stage 2, NEW cylinder head 1985-1995 & 86-88 22RTE (2nd pic)

This head features:

  1. Bullet New cylinder head casting (resurfaced to the proper RA)

  2. Bullet Harder powdered metal exhaust seats installed

  3. Bullet Intake and exhaust ports hand machined and blended at valve side (click for video)

  4. Bullet Reground OEM PERFORMANCE camshaft (our design, custom ground just for us)

  5. Bullet 45.5mm (1mm oversize) stainless steel swirl polished intake valves

  6. Bullet 37.5mm (1mm oversize) stainless steel swirl polished exhaust valves

  7. Bullet NEW 75lb. valve springs (custom made just for us, specifically to our specs)

  8. Bullet NEW chromoly valve spring retainers, new machined keepers

  9. Bullet 5-angle intake valve seat cut (our custom profile using our Serdi 3.0)

  10. Bullet Fully radiused exhaust valve seat cut (our custom design)

  11. Bullet Metal clad OES valve stem seals

$950.00 (and $50 core deposit for your camshaft)

$1210.00 for 1986-1988 22RTE (TURBO) + $50.00 core deposit for your camshaft

combustion chambers are CNC machined for 22RTE proper CC’s

Even though we start with a NEW cylinder head casting, it is still not good enough. The first step is to remove all of the exhaust valve seats and replace them with HARDER powdered metal seats for longevity. Both the intake (a 5 angle cut) and exhaust valve seats (fully radiused) are cut to our custom profile (using our SERDI 3.0 seat machine) to match the new intake and exhaust valves we install. Installed valve stem height is inspected and adjusted as necessary. All valve springs, retainers and keepers are NEW and are installed into the cylinder head.

The cylinder head is then surfaced on our STORM/VULCAN surfacer (with a custom CBN head) and surfaced to the proper RA finish.

A OEM reground camshaft is installed (never a “new” counterfeit Chinese casting).

Included in this cylinder head:

  1. Bullet New cylinder head casting (resurfaced to the proper RA)

  2. Bullet Harder powdered metal exhaust seats

  3. Bullet Reground OEM camshaft (ground to factory specs)

  4. Bullet New intake and exhaust valves

  5. Bullet NEW 75lb. valve springs (custom made just for us)

  6. Bullet New chromoly valve spring retainers and machined keepers

  7. Bullet 5-angle intake valve seat cut (our custom profile using our Serdi 3.0)

  8. Bullet Fully radiused exhaust valve seat cut (our custom design)

  9. Bullet Metal clad OES valve stem seals

$650.00 (plus $50.00 core deposit for your camshaft)

We can also improve the performance and fuel economy of our stock cylinder head. We’ll hand machine to blend the intake and exhaust ports in the head to match the valve seats for improved flow.

$175.00 additional

FULL RACE cylinder heads with bigger valves (1.5MM), bronze valve guides, dual valve springs and extreme port work are available. Pricing depends on the cam you choose, valve size, amount of port work and your fuel / exhaust system.

Recommended only for racing / off-road applications. Call us with your needs and we can quote a cylinder head/cam combo for your class!


40 Rash Lane Chico, CA 95973



NEW higher oiling capacity rocker shafts (You’ll notice the Our custom shafts have 4 oil feed holes and supply crucial lubrication to the rocker arms at all RPM’s

$129.00 (for a set of two, intake and exhaust)

Joe Gibbs assembly lube

High Zinc content to help proper cam break in.

1oz. tube is enough for camshaft / rocker arm assembly install.

$4.50 for the 1 oz. tube

This is the gasket set we START with for our engine builds. It includes all of the goodies you are going to need for a rebuild. Depending on your year, we add some other goodies. These are the best gaskets you can get. They far surpass the “Fail-Prone” kits you get from your local auto parts store and are miles better than the chinese gasket sets you can find online. Do it right the first time. It may seem expensive now, but WHEN you have problems with your counterfeit  “e-Auction” kit, you’ll understand. Do it right, do it once. Your time is worth more than that.

1985-1987 $240.00 

1985-1987 TURBO $275.00

1988-1995 $240.00

NEW O.E.S.Toyota exhaust manifold stud and nut kit

Due to the countless number of heat cycles yours have been through, it makes the studs incredibly brittle. When you try to remove yours, you’ll pull most of the aluminum from the thread holes along with them. The last thing you need when installing a new engine or head is to break a stud during install. Take our word for it, you don’t want try to re-use yours.

Our UPDATED,special kit includes all 8 OES studs and 8 OES self locking nuts and 2 OES bolts for the air injection / plates.


$55.00 for the kit

NEW O.E.S. Intake manifold stud, nut and bolt hardware kit

Our kit includes the  intake manifold to head studs, short EGR valve mounting stud, lower EGR valve bolt, upper right EGR bolt (pre-coated to insure no oil leak), LONG allen bolt (you remember the one you forgot to pull when you were removing the intake? And then stripped the allen head out when you tried to remove it? Yeah, that one.), 2 intake to plenum studs, 11 double washer intake to head / plenum to lower intake, 5 captured-washer nuts, 2 thermostat housings bolts and 2 heater pipe to intake manifold bolts + o-ring. GASKETS NOT INCLUDED, SHOWN FOR I.D. ONLY!

Fits 1985-1995 EFI & Turbo

$60.00 for the kit

OES EGR cooler plate hardware kit & gasket

Did you notice the rust/corrosion on the bolts you pulled out? This plate covers a very large coolant passage at the back of your cylinder head. It’s really tough to get to once it’s installed in the truck. Do it along with the install. Seal it right the first time.

$10.50 for the hardware kit (all years)

$10.63 for the OES Teflon gasket (not the cheesy paper gasket included with most kits)

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Remanufactured rocker arm assembly:

This is the rocker assembly we install on every engine we sell here. We take the OEM rocker towers and jet tank clean, glass bead and fully inspect them. We install our refaced and hand lapped rocker arms and install our new higher oiling capacity rocker shafts, jet tank clean and inspect the rocker shaft springs and spacers. We install new OEM rocker adjuster tips, lock nuts and use new allen head screws to hold it all together. This assembly is ready to bolt on with your new head or cam.

$295.00 + $45.00 refundable core for your rocker arms, towers and springs / spacers

If you looking for a 1981-1984 cylinder head, sorry, we cannot help you. There is not a NEW casting for the year range you are looking for. Due to the backlog of engine and cylinder head builds we have, we cannot rebuild your cylinder head. To properly rebuild your cylinder head (even if it is rebuildable), we do not have the time to take it on. The cylinder heads shown below WILL NOT INTERCHANGE to your block. Sorry, we don’t have an alternative for you.

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