Refaced OEM rocker arms

This is the rocker we use on every engine we build. We only start with OEM factory rockers to insure proper geometry and quality of material. We have found ALL aftermarket castings to be unacceptable. We jet tank clean, measure the shaft I.D., glass bead clean, reface and hand-lap the rocker pads.


$95.00 for a set of 8 +$50 refundable core

*NEW rocker adjuster tips are highly recommended*

New rocker adjuster tips

These new, OES Toyota adjuster tips are ALWAYS recommended when installing new valves / rocker arms or camshaft. Having problems getting a proper valve adjustment? Check the wear marks on your tips, I’m sure they’ve been adjusted too many times. We’ve seen the aftermarket alternatives, don’t do it.

$48.00 for a set of 8

NEW cylinder head bolt kit

1985-95 only

We always recommend new head bolts when installing a new head or when the engine is rebuilt. Your head bolts are at the least 14 years old and have been through countless heat cycles. Recommended to hold proper torque.

No retorque needed when used with

an OEM headgasket and a flat head.

$45.00 set fits 85-95

NEW higher oiling capacity rocker shafts (custom made by us)

You’ll notice the NEW rocker shaft we sell (and install on every engine we sell) have a higher oiling capacity 4 hole design for the rocker arms. Toyota’s design only uses a 2 hole design. Our custom shafts have 4 oil feed holes and supply crucial lubrication to the rocker arms at all RPM’s.

If you’ve had problems getting a proper valve adjustment, replacing the cylinder head or if you are installing a new cam and rockers, we always recommend these new shafts. Yours are worn. You’ll see.

$129.00 (for a set of two, intake and exhaust)

New Chro-Moly valve spring retainers / MACHINED keepers

More parts Jim designed and had made for exclusively for us. These new, lighter and stronger-than-stock retainers are recommended with our 75lb. performance valve springs.

The keepers are also designed and custom made for us. These aren’t the ordinary cast keepers, they are machined to fit and lock into the valve stem.

Fit all 20R/22R/22RE/22RTE

$32.00 for a set of 8 retainers

$16.00 for a set of 16 keepers

Performance 75 lb. valve springs (custom made for us)

We have these valve springs custom made just for us, to our exacting specs. Recommended when using performance camshafts up to .500 lift and 5,500 rpm or with oversize valves.

These are used on all of our stock and performance cylinder heads and our Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 2.5 rebuilt engines.

*we recommend our chro-moly retainers along with these springs*

$45.00 for a set of 8

NEW Aisin OEM Oil pump

This is not the Chinese made counterfeit that other “E-auction” sites and retailers try to sell you. We only supply OEM oil pumps. This is the same pump we use on all of our rebuilt engines. It is a known and proven part. Don’t skimp on one of the most important parts for your engine.

Includes oil pump and oil pump to timing cover o-ring.

$95.00 fits 1985-1995

$95.00 fits 1981-1984

Add $14.00 for OES front crank seal

Timing kit with steel guide rail (OSK OEM kit)

As we all know, the one weak point on a the 85-95’ 22R is the plastic guide rail Toyota installed with their timing chains. We’ve solved that issue. This is a Japanese made OSK timing chain kit with our heavy duty steel guide rail that we add.

Sorry, we can’t match the Chinese made kit price offered by the other guys.

Includes timing chain, tensioner, upper and lower timing gears, timing cover gaskets, HD steel guide rail and front crank seal.

$110.00 fits 1985-1995

See our upgrade custom made dual-row chain kit for 1985-1995

add $14.00 for a OES crank seal

add $25 for OES timing cover gaskets


40 Rash Lane Chico, CA 95973


NEW OEM Toyota FULL engine gasket set

This is the real deal. Toyota factory gasket set. The good stuff. If you are doing an engine rebuild or a head gasket/timing chain replacement THE RIGHT WAY, this is the kit you need. Check the list below, we add the other stuff the factory kit doesn’t include.

  1. Head gasket                                                                                                                                  

  2. Valve cover gasket

  3. 4 valve cover grommets

  4. Our aluminum half moon seals

  5. Timing cover gaskets

  6. water pump gasket

  7. fuel pump / fuel pump block off gasket

  8. EGR cooler plate (rear of cylinder head)

  9. copper gaskets for cold start injector

  10. oil cap seal

  11. 4 fuel rail to injector o-rings

  12. Oil pick up tube gasket

  13. Cold start injector gasket

  14. 8 valve stem seals

  15. Thermostat o-ring

  16. Fuel rail to cold start injector copper gaskets

  17. Copper o-rings for fuel pulsation damper / banjo bolt

  18. intake manifold gasket

  19. exhaust manifold gasket

  20. 2 exhaust gaskets (for S.A.I.R. pipe or block offs)

  21. Water pump gasket

  22. Rear crankshaft seal (double lip design)

  23. Rear main seal housing gasket

  24. Front crankshaft seal (oil pump seal)

  25. Exhaust manifold to pipe crush gaskets (2)

  26. EGR to upper intake manifold plenum gasket

Pistons and rings set (standard and oversize)

These are the pistons we install in our Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 2.5 engines. We have been using these for 15+ years without issues. We have our kits made for us with Hastings Moly rings.

They include new pistons, piston pins, pin clips and a full set of rings.

Your machine shop will need these before they bore your block, so plan ahead.

Available in standard, .50mm (.020”), 1.00mm (.040”) and 1.5mm (.060”)

$132.00 fits 1981-1984

$125.00 fits 1985-1995 non-turbo

$145.00 fits 1986-1987 Turbo (std, .50mm and 1.00mm only)

FORGED pistons available, please call.

King engine bearings (mains, rods and thrust bearings)

These are the King engine bearings we use in ALL of our engines (including race, turbo and supercharged engines). These are not the poorly made Chinese counterfeits you buy from the web e-auction sites, they are the real thing. They are the best bearings available on the market.

Available in standard, .25mm (.010”) .50mm (.020”) undersize.

Oversized thrust washers are available, but leave that up to your crankshaft grinder to let you know if that is what is required

$71.00 for the set fits 1981-1995

*if you are having your crankshaft reground, your machinist needs to know the brand of bearing to allow for proper machining clearance

ARP Head stud set

If you are running any kind of forced induction (turbo or supercharged), or just want the BEST head studs available, these are for you.

ARP head studs are the ultimate way to go when you want the best for your engine. Like any new stud or head bolt, no re-torque is needed when installed properly (instructions and ARP lube is included).

ARP head studs are rated at 200,000psi (!!). Comes with new studs, nuts and washers.


Fits all 20R/22R/22RE/22RTE

$162.00 for the kit

1981-1984 Timing kit with steel guide rails (OSK OEM kit)

This is a OEM dual row timing chain for 1978-1984 20R/22R engines. It is a direct replacement for 1978-1982 20R / 22R that has the dual row chain as stock. Can be used in your 83-84’ 22R as a dual row upgrade when we supply the kit.

Japanese made kit with chain, both metal guide rails, tensioner, upper/lower gears, front oil seal and front cover gaskets.


$125.00 fits 1978-1982 (direct replacement)

$165.00 for 1983-1984 conversion (includes oil pump drive)

add $14.00 for a OES crank seal

add $25.00 for OES front cover gaskets

NEW timing cover

If you’ve had the dreaded broken timing chain guide rail that ate through the cover, doing a timing chain replacement or just rebuilding your engine.

This is the same cover we use on all of our rebuilt engines.

If you are rebuilding your engine, your machine shop will need this cover when they deck the block. Plan ahead

$75.00 fits 1985-1995

$79.00 fits 1981-1984

Add $25 for OES timing cover gaskets

ARP connecting rod bolt and nut set

A must if you are running a turbo or supercharged engine. This is the same part number we use when building 500hp Toyota 3SGTE engines running monster boost.

ARP makes the best hardware on the market.

Only a few dollars for than the OEM rod bolt kit, so why not?


$55.00 for the kit

New rocker adjuster lock nuts (OES)

The gorilla that owned the truck before you used a crappy wrench when they adjusted the valves and rounded off the lock nuts. Here are some new OES genuine ones.

$12.00 for the set of 8

Joe Gibbs DRIVEN assembly lube

This is the good stuff. High Zinc content to help with cam / bearing break-in. Completely oil soluble.

We use this during every engine build.

Much better than any other assembly lube on the market (especially that weird black stuff, it never seems to dissolve into the oil properly).

$25.95 for the 1 pound can

$4.50 for the 1oz. tube (2 tubes will be plenty for an engine rebuild)

Ultra-Grey Silicone sealant

This is the sealant of choice for us, and most OEMs. Used to seal oil pans (22R / 22RE engines DO NOT use an oil pan gasket) and timing covers on all of our builds. Used by our installer of choice for all other sealing uses. Oil and coolant resistant and stays pliable and is not effected by normal engine heat. Use to seal the coolant passages on your intake manifold coolant ports and anything else.

We use it on every engine to seal the front cover and oil pans. You should too.

Same sealant used by Toyota, Nissan, Honda/Acura, Subaru and many other OEM’s

$7.00 per 3.5oz tube. includes trim-able nozzle

Remanufactured connecting rods

We resize both the big ends and small ends to within .0001” of round. Watch the video here.

We install new piston pin bushings and resize them to spec (let us know the brand of piston you are using if you are not using ours, we can hone them to the proper oil clearance).

fits all years of 22R / 22RE

$150.00 for a set of 4 + $40.00 core deposit

add $55.00 for ARP rod bolts/nuts installed

EAGLE H-BEAM connecting rods

These connecting rods are 85+ grams each lighter than stock connecting rods. It may not sound like a lot, but when you multiply it by 4 connecting rods, it’s 3/4 pound less rotating mass!

That adds up to quicker throttle response, faster revving and less wear to the bearings and crankshaft.

Much stronger and lighter than stock connecting rods. Includes ARP rod bolts. Lose weight, rev faster, get stronger!

Fits all 20R/22R/22RE/22RTE

$390.00 for the set of 4 ($350 when installed when built with your engine from us)

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1985-1987 $240.00 (EFI)

1988-1995 $240.00 (EFI)

1985-1988 $230.00 (carbureted)

Valve cover acorn nuts (OES)

Super-disco chrome OES valve cover acorn nuts. You want them.

Fits all Toyota 20R/22R/22RE/22RTE

$8.00 for the set

OES Head gasket set ONLY

An OES gasket set, just for head gasket replacement only. Includes:

Head gasket

exhaust manifold gasket

SAIR / block off gaskets (at upper ex. manifold)

exhaust manifold to pipe gaskets

intake manifold, plenum gasket, throttle body gasket

EGR cooler plate gasket

$170.00 fits 1985-1995

PCV valve and grommet

OES PCV valve and grommet. Yours is dead. Replace it.

Fits all Toyota 20R/22R/22RE/22RTE

$12.00 for the set

EGR to manifold gasket thermostat o-ring

valve cover gasket, grommets and our aluminum 1/2 moons

Ultra-Grey Silicone sealant

This is the sealant of choice for us, and most OEMs. Used to seal oil pans (22R / 22RE engines DO NOT use an oil pan gasket) and timing covers on all of our builds. Used by our installer of choice for all other sealing uses. Oil and coolant resistant and stays pliable and is not effected by normal engine heat. Use to seal the coolant passages on your intake manifold coolant ports and anything else.

$7.00 per 3.5oz tube. includes trim-able nozzle

Remanufactured rocker arm assembly:

This is the rocker assembly we install on every engine we sell here. We take the OEM rocker towers and jet tank clean, glass bead and fully inspect them. We install our refaced and hand lapped rocker arms and install our new higher oiling capacity rocker shafts, jet tank clean and inspect the rocker shaft springs and spacers. We install new OEM rocker adjuster tips, lock nuts and use new allen head screws to hold it all together. This assembly is ready to bolt on with your new head or cam. Always recommended when installing any of our new cylinder heads.

$295.00 + $45.00 refundable core for your rocker arms, towers and springs / spacers

NEW rocker tower studs

These are the studs that thread into the rocker towers that hold your valve cover down. If yours are damaged or you just want some more bitchin-ness. here they are.

$20.00 set of 4 1985-1995

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Freeze-Plug kit STAINLESS STEEL!

Stainless steel freeze plug kit for your 22R/22RE/22RTE block. These are exclusive to us, we had them made here in the US. We’ve found brass plugs to be too soft and potentially leak.

Kit includes 6 stainless steel plugs.

$16.00 for a set of 6

These are the same parts we use when we build our engines. There are plenty of “cheap” options for engine parts on the market. We have chosen these certain manufacturers for the quality of the parts, not by price.

Our website changes OFTEN. We recommend refreshing/reloading/ F5-ing every time you visit. Parts, prices and info change regularly. Keep up!

Joe Gibbs DRIVEN Break-In Oil (BR30)

This is the oil we recommend for break in on all of our engines. It has enough Zinc (ya’ know, just like the old days) to help break in the cam and rings.

  1. *We’ve talked with the engineers over at Joe Gibbs and they recommend running it for up to 400 miles for break in. After that, stick with your normal oil change schedule. Mineral based oil only, remember? NEVER SYNTHETIC!

$12.00 per quart (you’ll need between 4.5 to 5 quarts)

** We DO NOT have an “on-line order” system, you’ll need to give us a call. I always like to talk with you to make sure I’m getting the correct parts for your truck.**