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1985-1995 Rebuilt 22RE / 22R long block
$2295.00 (+$400.00 core deposit additional)
Better than stock performance, fuel economy and reliability.   

 block is bored, torque plate honed and plateau finished
 block surface is decked with NEW timing cover installed 
 new O.E.M. rear main seal (updated OEM seal)
 new freeze plugs are installed 
 all threads are chased and cleaned 
 crankshaft is reground (.25 or .50mm) and micro-polished
 connecting rod big and small ends are resized
 NEW pistons, pins and pin bushings (sized to fit)
 Hastings Moly rings are gapped and installed 
 King Bearings (mains, rods and thrust) are installed 
 NEW cylinder head casting
 head is surfaced to proper RA finish
 harder powdered metal exhaust seats are installed
 all NEW valves are installed, installed height is set
 intake valve seats get a 4 angle cut   
 exhaust valve seats are fully radiused
 75 lb. valve springs, NEW custom made by us!
 New chromoly valve spring retainers
 reground OEM camshaft
 NEW higher oiling capacity rocker shafts (custom made by us)
 refaced rocker arms (refaced in our shop, by us)
 new valve adjuster screws (OEM)   
 OEM head gasket
 NEW cylinder head bolts
 NEW Japanese OSK timing kit with HD metal guide rail
 OEM front and rear crankshaft seals
 NEW OEM Aisin oil pump (with OEM seal installed)
 Valve cover interior baffle is removed, cover and baffles are           completely cleaned and resealed
 Valve cover is powder coated on the exterior and clear powder coated on the interior
 Engine is shipped with installation gaskets included.

Check out our build process page for more detailed info.... 
1985-1995 Rebuilt 22RE / 22R long block
$2695.00 (+$400.00 core deposit additional)
$2895.00 for 22RTE (+400 core deposit additional)
Built to get the MOST performance from your stock fuel system. Idle remains smooth and power is available from 1,300 to 4,500 rpm.

Includes everything from the Stage 1 and these power adding goodies:
 Port, polish and blend work to intake and exhaust pockets 
 Supertech 45.5mm (1mm oversize) stainless steel intake valves
 Supertech 37.5mm (1mm oversize) stainless steel exhaust valves
 Custom ground performance cam (duration, lift and lobe separation varies depending on your vehicle)
 Performance 75lb. valve springs custom made to our specs. 
 New chromoly retainers
Add a dual row timing chain upgrade for $250 
1985-1995 Rebuilt 22RE / 22R long block 
$3195.00 (+$400.00 core deposit additional)
$3395.00 for 22RTE (+$400 core deposit)
*Fully balanced and blueprinted engine*
This engine is the BEST 22RE/22R engine you can buy for your stock fuel / exhaust system truck. 
The balance/blueprint does make a difference. It revs faster, smoother running and the torque peak starts at 1,500-1800RPM and stays flat until the redline. There is a difference. 

Everything from the Stage 1 and Stage 2 engine is included, and these other items are added:
 Further porting and polishing of the intake and exhaust ports in the head
 Connecting rods are individually balanced and matched by weight to within .5 gram
 Crankshaft, rods, pistons and pins are balanced as an assembly 
 ARP cylinder head studs are installed
 ARP connecting rod bolts are installed 
Add a dual row timing chain upgrade for $250

Sorry, we don’t sell cheap, Chinese counterfeit “new” engines. We also do not sell “INSERT 3 LETTER COMPANY” assembly line rebuilt engines under our name. We build the best Toyota 22RE / 22R engines you can buy. One at a time. Built to your specs.

We custom build 22RE / 22R engines for those that know the difference and are looking for the most precision, quality built engines available. We are not a “production line” rebuilder with engines ready to ship. We will never cut corners for price or speed. Since every engine is built specifically for each customer, by ONE master machinist (from beginning to final build), quality takes time. Call us for lead times about your engine or cylinder head.

Don’t fall for the “chain store” rebuilt engines that are built by numerous people in another country on an assembly line using unchecked, inferior parts off of the shelf. They only stare at a clock waiting for their shift to end. Our engines are hand built by someone that CARES. One at a time.WE ARE NOT LIKE THE OTHER GUYS. We machine your engine to the closest specs as possible using the best parts. 

Read through the site. Call us with questions... We are here to help you make the right choice and tell you how OUR engines are better than theirs.

We also offer more extreme engine builds. Dedicated rock crawling, dirt track racing, high boost turbo, dual carb all-motor drag engines, 2.5 to 2.7 liter stroker engines are not out of the ordinary for us. We have built the 22R for the guy in front of you. Your engine is next.

Give us the goals you want to achieve and we will build it better than anyone else. No empty promises, just results

We can also improve the performance and fuel economy of our STAGE 1 long block. We’ll hand machine to blend the intake and exhaust port pockets in the head to match the valve seats for improved flow.

$175.00 additional

Check out our Installation Parts page for a guideline of parts we recommend for a proper install.22RE_Performance_-_Installation_Parts.html
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